Stelter's Professional Pet Grooming

& Pet Photo Studio

Our Team

 Debbie-Owner & Professional Pet Groomer (35 years experience)

 Debbie is not only a very talented pet groomer and photographer, she is also a mother of 4 adult children, has 8 grandchildren, and two kids (Frankie & Hoover--shown in picture above).  Debbie has been grooming dogs since she was 15 years old.  She started grooming her family pets and became popular for her talent!  She met Greg and they worked together at a pet shop grooming dogs.  They have been married for 35 years strong!  While they worked in separate careers while the children were growing up, they started working together again when Debbie opened her own grooming shop, independent of a veterinary clinic.   Debbie has also taught dog grooming classes and has trained several apprentices throughout her career who have developed their own grooming businesses.  Debbie is also a talented seamstress, avid karaoke singer & crowd favorite, photographer, artist, computer guru, and a huge fan of warm weather.  She is patient, kind, and has a great sense of humor (if you enjoy corny jokes). 

Greg- Owner & Professional Pet Groomer (25 years experience)

Greg has a special touch with our behaviorally challenged pets that come through the doors here at Stelter's Professional Pet Grooming.  He can calm a dog or cat in a way that no other can.  Greg seems to understand the fear animals come with and soothes them by his gentle techniques.  He takes his time with them, is patient, and empathetic about their sometimes previous abusive experiences at other grooming shops.  Greg is not only a dog whisperer, but also spent many years as owner of Paramount Painting.  He stopped painting to help his wife, Debbie, with her growing business, and has been there ever since.  Greg also has 4 adult children, 8 grandchildren, and two kids (Frankie & Hoover).  Greg is also a champion karaoke singer, fisherman, hunter, golfer, explorer of philosophies & history, and photographer.  Greg is a charmer, he is strong, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor (if you can take a joke).  The animals love him!