Stelter's Professional Pet Grooming

& Pet Photo Studio

Rates & Services


                                          Dog Getting a PedicureWe offer many services because we want to ensure your pet receives the best individualized treatment possible.  Full grooming prices start at $40. and vary by size of your pet, behavior, condition of coat, and if any additional treatments are necessary (ie. flea bath, de-skunking treatment, full body skin conditioning treatment).  It is also possible to receive services individually, such as nail trim, at an reduced rate. Walk-in nail trims are 5.00  Dog Bathing

  • Full grooming services include nail trim, ear cleansing & hair removal, anal gland expression, and full haircut with bows or bandana.  We use an all-natural anti-itch oatmeal shampoo at                                  no extra cost for all baths.                  

Additional Services

  • All natural dry skin full body conditioning treatment (Skin Remedy) helps with dry areas, sores, and bacteria
  • flea bath (pesticide free citrus blend)
  • de-skunking (peroxide mix)
  • Pet photography--Celebrate your pet's best hair day with our in house photo studio!
  •  1st sheet is $40, this includes the sitting fee.  You have a choice of 1 8x10 or 1 5x7 with wallets.  Each additional sheet is $5.  Please view the gallery for examples of our photography.  Backdrops can vary with season, but we have standard backdrops available at all times. Pictures are ready the same day.

Because rates for pet grooming differ on the size and condition of your pet, please call (616) 281-4800 for a free phone consultation!

*Please ensure that your pet is current on rabies vaccine prior to first appointment.