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“I am pleased to recommend Stelter’s Professional Pet Grooming.  We have tried different groomers and Stelter’s is by far the best!  Debbie, Greg, and Heather are very personable, greet the dogs by name, and consistently provide excellent hair cuts for our dog Max.”   



" I finally found our Pet Groomer for life, "Stelter's Professional Pet Grooming."  I've been to several groomers, never finding the right one that treat my dogs like their own.  We have two Bischon's and a Golden Retriever that we love, and I know that Debbie, Greg and Heather enjoy seeing them every time they come in.  The reason that I came to Stelter's four year's ago was because my last groomer ended up cutting my Riley's skin several times while grooming him one day.  My son was suppose to pick him up at 3:30 he went there Riley was not ready they said to come back at 5:30.  My son called me at work said that something was wrong because Riley was acting strange. When Jason went back at 5:30 they were just finishing him up.  My son called me saying that the lady that was grooming him was very drunk.  I went to this groomer for one year thinking that everything was alright. I feel so bad that I put my little Riley through that.  
A friend of mine recommended that I try Stelter's.  When I went in to talk to Greg I explained to him what happened to Riley he knew that Riley would need special attention. In the beginning Greg was the only one that Riley would listen to and feel comfortable with.  I can honestly say now when I tell Riley you want to see Heather he jumps in my lap and is ready for me to open the door.  
          Our newest dog Murry is also a Bishon rescued from a Amish puppy mill.  Murry had a very hard life living in a cage and you know the rest.  When Murry went for the first time to get groomed I explained to them his problem of being nervous and not liking men.  They knew exactly how to handle this problem.  They also helped with the issue with Murry when he couldn't see Riley.  He would start to bark until his little buddy came back.  They know now that Murry always needs to see Riley at all times.  Instead of saying he's going to have to live with it, they made sure that he is happy and comfortable at all times.  
My daughter who lives in Washington DC has two Bishon's also.  One is also a puppy mill dog.  She's been there for four years and still has not found a groomer.  She goes in too interview them and does feel comfortable leaving them. So every time they come home I make an appointment to get them groomed.  The only groomer my daughter feels like she can leave them is at Stelter's.  So, several times a year she comes back to Michigan to have them groomed.  
If one of the dogs has a skin, ear, or any other sickness they make sure that I'm aware of it.  Greg has helped me with Riley's allergies.  He recommended giving the dogs yogurt for yeast infections.  Riley has always had ear problems it seems like we were always going to the vet for that.  Not anymore! Sure enough, the yogurt helps and no more ear infections.  They not only want the dogs to look their best but the overall health is important to them also.  When I pick the dogs up boy can I ever see a smile on there faces because I now that they had a good day.  Our Chance, the Golden, will come home and prance around saying, "Look how pretty I am!"
           Rest assured,  they love all the animals that they groom.  When I come into the building I hear them talking to the dogs that they are grooming and giving them hugs.  What I want in a groomer is for them to love animals like I love my dogs.  I always highly recommend my clients to go the Stelter's for their pet grooming needs.
           Thank you Greg, Debbie and Heather for being who you are and taking such good care of Riley, Murry, Chance, Loke and Noah."

--Carol Genther


"When I first got my puppy, I had him groomed at another groomer. He had a traumatic experience. The second grooming, he came to Debbie and Greg. They took special care of him and now he looks forward to coming in. When they had their fire and were closed, Greg made a house call when Spanky's anal area was blocked and the vet wanted $80 to take care of him. These folks are the greatest."
                                                                                           Connie Wilson


"They treat our dogs with a professional love and respect. Thank you from us and all 4 of our dogs!!"
                                Bo   Chelsea    Toby     Sandy


"I have been getting my little yorkie, Presley groomed at Stelters for 2 yrs. now and I couldn't be more pleased with them.  They are always so friendly and professional!  She always looks so cute when I pick her up and I know that my dog is well taken care of there.  "

--Jodie Roberts


 "We have been with Stelter's for four years and they both have been very good to me with all of my  personal  problems were so helpful with Ben & Bee.  I would like to say that I am very thankful."
--Diana Topolski